Vicini: the growth of a dream

The secrets of the success of Vicini S.p.a., a company established in the mid Nineties, are few but fundamental. First of all, there is the inexhaustible genius of the enterprising designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, and his creative team; then there is a meticulous, rigorous policy of product development, production, quality control and delivery, a thorough understanding of reference markets and a careful business and communication strategy. Added to this, the invaluable historic craft heritage of one of Italy’s largest shoe-manufacturing districts, San Mauro Pascoli.

This successful recipe has enabled the company, in the space of a few years, to achieve excellent results, investing much of its resources in the quality of its 100% Made in Italy products. Today Vicini has a 550-strong workforce and 5 production plants in Italy designed to meet all the label’s varied needs in terms of treatments and techniques.

Designed for an international market, the Vicini line is versatile and witty, not to mention ever attentive to fitting and proportions. Always in step with the times, the Tapeet offering is young and creative, with a pronounced metropolitan chic mood. Four collections per year, two by Vicini and two by Vicini Tapeet, cater to the demands of creative, dynamic, inquisitive women who love to put their own twist on classic lines and trends.

Vicini and Vicini Tapeet shoes continue to increase their market share, and have become a veritable cult phenomenon in strategic areas like Russia. The three showrooms in Milan, New York and Paris are the nerve centers of sales aimed at a select, exclusive clientele, and channeled through a monobrand retail network that today boasts numerous flagship boutiques around the world.

Communication plays a key role. Thanks to targeted, wide-reaching activities, the press offices in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Beverly Hills, Moscow and Hong Kong guarantee excellent product visibility through collaborations with leading publications and top fashion designers.

In the twenty years since it was founded, the company has produced footwear for some of the top international fashion houses. To date, in addition to Vicini and Tapeet, the designer’s creative workshop has also spawned the Giuseppe Zanotti Design line.

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